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Echinopsis subdenudata     6/12/22
Now you can see the plant that was gifted to me. It's huge. The cactus books I have say that this species stays about fist size. Not this one, or the two in the preceding picture. Something else. I've never seen any cactus, especially not an Echinopsis, make so many flower buds. I counted 98 buds the day I took this picture. They all eventually bloomed and I think that at least twenty more buds were produced over the summer, If you follow the long brown spent flowers to the plant, You'll find some green spheres. These are fruit. Inside the fruit are seeds. The thin magenta threads are holding labels around the spent flowers having the hybridization record (what date; what other plant). Incidentally, when a plant is serious about flowering soon, the buds start to swell. Lots of swelling going on in this plant.   (25/48)   

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