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Trichocereus pseudocandicans     6/30/22
Ralph Peters has a great mass of this species in his front yard in Albuquerque. Some stems are more than 10 feet (3 m) long. They lie flush on the ground. I want to make some cold hardy Trichocereus hybrids. This is a good cadidate, since it survived that -15 F (-26 C) night we had in ABQ February 2011. In habitat (Southern Argentina) it's the furthest south of the Trichocerei. (Remember that "south" in the Southern Hemisphere is toward the South Pole. That is, south gets colder.) Ralph and I took nine tip cuttings having flower buds this summer. They bloomed a few days later in my greenhouse. I crossed the flowers with anything available. One flower set a fruit and I isolated the seeds a few days ago.   (22/48)   

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