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Echinocereus spinigemmatus     6/3/22
This species is a really wonderful find. The beginning of these flowers was pictured in the previous gallery, picture #52. This is three days later. I think the plant was in flower for more than those four known days. I don't know of any other pure Echinocereus species that flowers so long. Only the E. lloydii/roetteri complex of hybrids has flowers open this long or even longer. I thought that this was my only individual of this species until today, when I was messing around with my plants and I saw one I didn't recognize. It was a small one of this species in a very small pot. It must be the same age as this plant, since I'm certain that I only ever planted seeds once. So if I transplant it to a much bigger pot, it will catch up to the plant illustrated in 2 or 3 years. I can then make seeds and thereby make many more plants.   (01/48)   

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