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Echinocereus triglochidiatus (Utah) X "Jeremy"    4/1/22
The Utah E trigs look nothing like New Mexico E. trigs. They fooled me into thinking that they're a type of "coccineus." And "Jeremy" is some sort of Echinocereus. I have argued that it's a kind of Echinocereus mojavensis, but I waver in this belief. I expected that this hybrid would be cold hardy, based on the two parents, and it is. The pot you see is 2.5" (6 cm) on a side.
Note from Ralph Peters - 'Jeremy' is a cutting from Lamar Orton that has unusual spination reminiscent of a small Pediocactus peeb. Lamar and son Jeremy found 1 plant among hundreds of normally spined plants in Juab County, Utah. Spination is always the same no matter where they have planted it & the flower pistils are always hidden down in the stamens.   (10/40)   

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