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Echinocereus neocapillus    2/8/22
This species and E. canus have an interesting growth habit. The young plants are covered in many shaggy white spines. The lower left plant is the picture of this. As the plants grow, the shaggy white spines are pushed down into the root zone of the plant, to eventually be absorbed by the growing plant. See the two plants above. Note the two color phases of the plant. That is, all yellow new spines and a mix of white and red new spines. I think it's interesting that the bottom right plant is pushing out a new pup that is exhibiting the snowy white spination of a very young E. neocapillus. I disagree that this species is best classified as E. russanthus neocapillus. More nonsense, I think. There are too many lumpers in the business of cactus taxonomy.   (06/40)   

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