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Echinocereus neocapillus SB395 MG191     1/23/20
A super dramatic example of changes in spination with age. The foreground fuzzy white plant is what the species looks like for about two years from seed. Then the new growth stops being the fine white of the plant that germinated and a whole new spine pattern of straight spines develops. The reddish plant is about three years old. The plant in the back on the right is about five years old and the one on the left is about ten years old. The fine white spines just fall off as the plant grows. Note that there are two color phases of the mature spines. Some books call this a subspecies of E. russanthus, but I don't agree. The largest two plants have developed many buds since this picture was taken and are ready to flower. The pots are all 2.5" (7 cm).    (07/24)   

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